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Measuring systems

SMW-electronics GFT-X 4.0 multi-device gripping force tester lets you measure static or dynamic clamping forces wirelessly via a chuck head and send the results to the accompanying industry tablet.

The 7-inch GFT-X-4.0 tablet is extremely intuitive and easy to use. The GFT-X-4.0 not only measures the exact gripping force and speed on jaw chucks and collet chucks in static or dynamic mode but is also an industry tablet with a built-in camera and customized apps to guide the user. The tablet is protected to the IP67 standard and has a long battery life, making it suitable for industrial use. The GFT-X 4.0 comes with a variety of measuring heads for jaw chucks, vices and collet chucks. When measuring dynamic gripping forces, the data is transferred from the measuring head to the tablet via Bluetooth.