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25. February 2022



F180 Ethernet -
contact free transmission of energy and signals

The innovative F180 Ethernet inductive coupler enables signals to be transmitted via an air gap using state-of-the-art Ethernet based fieldbuses (100 Base-T). The transmission distance can be up to 6 mm. At the same time, a very high power transmission of up to 250 watts is possible for supplying power to the sensors or actuators used.

The F180 has an outer diameter of 180 mm and a large bore of 85 mm. Like all other inductive coupler systems the F180 is absolutely wear and maintenance free, thanks to the IP 67 protection class, and are ideally suited as slip ring or connector replacements.

Product tests of the high-end coupler system have been successfully completed, i.e. the first series is currently going into production. The F180 inductive coupler will be available from stock starting June 2022.
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